A new thriller series: 'The old man' is out!

Looking for a new quality series to watch? We have a great proposal.

Jul 22, 2022 - 11:51
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A new thriller series: 'The old man' is out!

The Chornobyl disaster, Scandinavian crime stories, biographies of all the mass murderers that Netflix could produce, the dark aesthetics of Peaky Blinders and all the Korean sensations are just a part of the offer. If you spend more time on streaming platforms looking for what to watch than consuming content, it might be time for something new and fresh. Something like 'The Old Man', a new thriller series starring the legendary Jeff Bridges. The series was written by Black Sails co-creators Join Steinberg and Robert Levine, and in addition to Bridges, Steinberg and Levine, Warren Littlefield, also worked on the series.'The Old Man' is based on the bestseller of the same name by Thomas Perry.

The main character is everything that women want from a man!

Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) is a hardened ex-CIA operative who has seen everything and he lived isolated in upstate New York for thirty years. After killing an intruder who broke into his home, he is forced to go into hiding, so he rents a room from Zoa McDonald, who is his partner on the run. Dan is everything women want in a man and what most men would like to be. A charming handsome man with a hoarse voice, he is faithful and loves only one woman, and when he gets angry, he has the temper of a Rottweiler.

The main character is a kind of combination of the Big Lebowski in a dressing gown and the melancholic alcoholic in the movie 'Crazy Heart', and he also has a younger version in the series. In the flashback scenes, he is played by Bill Heck, an actor who looks a lot like Jeff Bridges in his forties. Young Dan spent his career moments in the 80s helping a Middle Eastern warlord named Hamzad fight against Russian forces. Message? As a rule, the system you fed will reject you and come for you when you need it the least.

The Old Man is another proof that we live in the golden age of streaming

The Old Man series is another proof of the real revolution in the art of moving pictures. Respectable acting names, namely those who built their careers on Hollywood films, ignore the superficial image of television and take part in mini-series. Nicole Kidman is the ruler of twists and turns on HBO, Julia Roberts and Sean Penn are also not shy of the small screen, and now the legendary Bridges is also on them. Taking into account budgets and product quality, we can definitely say that we are living in the golden age of television (or rather streaming).

Corona is to blame for everything

The series 'The Old Man' is also an indicator of the fact that big acting names have to be up to the task every time and meet the criteria of excellence, viewership and box office profitability. The coronavirus pandemic and empty cinemas have brought the Hollywood industry to its knees. The people you watch on the big and small screens sometimes need to get any kind of engagement. After all, one of the main actors in the series 'The Old Man' spoke very openly about this in the interview that followed the premiere of the film 'Small Town Wisconsin'. Bill Heck (Ray Donovan, The Alienist) said that at that time he was in a position to accept any job.

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