Al Pacino caught with 53 years younger women

Living Hollywood legend Al Pacino (81) was seen in a famous restaurant in Venice Beach in California in the company of producer Noor Alfallah (28).

Apr 11, 2022 - 15:32
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Al Pacino caught with 53 years younger women

The legendary actor, with his turbulent love life, shows again and again that age is just a number for him, but many are still surprised when Pacino appeared in the company of a young producer.

Living Hollywood legend Al Pacino (81) was seen in a famous restaurant in Venice Beach in California in the company of producer Noor Alfallah (28).

However, according to the American media, it was not a business meeting, but a love one, because Pacino and Noor have been allegedly in a relationship for some time. They were both dressed in black from head to toe and opted for elegance.

This is, by the way, the first time that the media connected Pacino with a woman after his parting with Meital Dohan two years ago. The couple then allegedly divorced due to the age difference of as much as four decades, but it seems that for more than half a century, the difference between Noor and him does not bother him.

The young and beautiful Noor Alfallah is, by the way, known in Hollywood for adoring older men, so the media jokingly calls her a "hunter for Hollywood old men" and a "caregiver".

Among her most famous former emotional partners are legends of Pacino's rank - Mick Jagger (78), with whom she was when she was 23, and three years ago it was rumored that she was in a love affair with Clint Eastwood (91), which she denied, claiming to be only close friends.

Age didn't matter to me. The heart does not know what it sees, it only knows what it feels. It was my first serious relationship and for me, it was a happy period" - Noor once said, referring to her love for Jagger.

In the mentioned interview, she admitted that she is aware of the comments that this connection provoked, but she pointed out that she has nothing to regret because she has wonderful memories from everything.

As in the case of her previous meetings with Hollywood veterans, going out with Al Pacino attracted many negative reactions. "She was just about to catch a sponsor from the geriatrics department," "He could be her great-grandfather," "They're disgusting to me, all with these dirty pants of his," "So young, so beautiful, so ready to give for the money." ... are some of the comments.