Allison Mack's shocking confession!

'I joined the sex cult because they promised me I would become a star' the actress confessed.

Dec 28, 2022 - 18:22
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Allison Mack's shocking confession!

The actress best known for her role in the series "Smallville" Allison Mack (40) once again confessed that she joined the infamous cult NXIVM thinking that co-founder Keith Raniere would help her become a big actress again.

"I moved to Albany in order to fill the void in myself and find my soul again", she told in one interview in 2017." I asked Keith if he would help me become a big actress again because I felt like a fraud," she continued.

Raniere, 62, and Nancy Salzman, 68, founded NXIVM in 1998 as a personal development company that offered a range of techniques that promised self-improvement with an emphasis on bringing "more joy" into people's lives. However, they faced serious problems when former members came forward claiming they had been indoctrinated into a twisted sex slave cult, where women were branded with Raniere's initials and forced to have sex with him.

Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison in 2019. Two years later, Mack was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to charges that she manipulated women into becoming sex slaves for Raniere.

While speaking with the interviewer, the actress maintained her innocence. She pointed out that Raniere is "not the head of a harem", and she claimed that he does not recruit young, married women to be his sex slaves.

She shared with the reporter that she felt pressured to leave the group because her friends were worried that she was involved in a cult. She wanted to talk to her friends to explain, but they didn't want to listen to her, telling her that she was sick and brainwashed.

" I wondered if I was crazy. Am I one of those horrible people you read about who do horrible things and think they are doing it for God? "  she added. Despite what her friends told her, she decided to stay with NXIVM.


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