Amber Heard gets marriage proposal after defamation trial

After the whole world followed the trial of ex-spouses Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, their lives are slowly returning to normal.

Jun 7, 2022 - 11:05
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Amber Heard gets marriage proposal after defamation trial

Amber Heard lost a lot in this process, and it seems that the worst thing is that she drew the wrath of many fans and those who closely followed the trial. She used to be a fatal blonde with big roles, and now it has come to the point that people are signing a petition for her expulsion from Aquaman 2.

However, in the sea of ​​lost things, Heard still gained something. A young man from Saudi Arabia offered her marriage. This quickly became a hit on social media, and the man told her, among other things, that he was "better than that old man", and “Amber now has nothing else to do but marry him,” so at least he claims.

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The young man said in a voice message: “Amber, now all the doors are closed for you and you have no one to take care of you except me. I noticed that some people hate and attack you, so I decided to marry you. Maybe God will bless us both. You are a blessing, but people do not recognize it. I'm much better than that old man.

Whether Amber Heard will accept the public marriage offer remains to be seen. Recall, after a six-week trial that was accompanied by numerous intrigues and various witnesses, the court ruled that both were guilty on certain counts, but Johnny Depp came out the winner because the official verdict is that he is not guilty, so the actor will be richer by more than eight million dollars.

By the way, Johnny Depp has joined the popular network TikTok, where he is already followed by over 3 million people. The popular actor opened an account after he defeated Amber Heard in court and received 10 million dollars. When he opened the account on Monday, he already had over a million followers in the first round, and today that number has increased to over 3 million.