Amber Heard’s reaction to meeting Johnny

Amber Heard’s reaction to meeting Johnny Depp in court provoked a number of reactions.

May 6, 2022 - 13:42
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Amber Heard’s reaction to meeting Johnny

Former Hollywood love and marriage couple Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are today angry opponents at the ‘trial of the year’ during which new harrowing details from their relationship leak out every day and the law teams of both stars try to prove who the abuser is.

After we had a chance to follow Johnny’s testimony and his witnesses, it’s Amber Heard’s turn to accuse Johnny of physical and sexual abuse, and he doesn’t hesitate to cry in the witness chair. However, Amber is losing public support day by day, and the fact that she fired her public relations team did not help her.

Despite her tears, many are convinced that the Hollywood 'male eater', as she is called, is lying, and now a video made in the courtroom during a break has started circulating on social networks.

In the footage, we see Amber Heard’s reaction when Johnny Depp, as he moved toward the exit, stepped toward her.

Amber took a sharp breath and backed away, retreating behind the court clerk who reached out and stopped Johnny.

The actor shrugged, turned his back on her and moved away so she could pass, and a slightly mocking smile could be seen on his face. Below the YouTube video, Amber Heard has received new negative comments from users who almost unanimously agree that the actress is pretending to be afraid of her ex-husband.

'He was literally walking towards the door, he didn't even notice she was there, she took the opportunity when she saw him approaching her and pretended to be afraid of him,' 'She was never afraid while filming him or throwing bottles at him,' but now, in a room full of cops, she's so scared ',' This is the best acting she's ever shown in court. He didn't pay attention, and she took good advantage of the opportunity. ' Please Amber, just go home ', are just some of the comments.

Recall, Amber also testified to their quarrel in Australia in 2015 when Johnny Depp was left without a finger. He had previously testified that he lost the tip of his finger after she threw a bottle at him and injured his hand.

She now says she did not witness the moment when he lost his finger but she admitted that she broke the bottle in an argument. She also said that he sexually abused her in Australia, that is, that he raped her with a bottle.

'I thought he was hitting me. I felt the pressure on my pelvis and felt his hand move. It looked like he was hitting me. I looked around the room at the broken glass and I remember that I didn't want to move because I didn't know if the bottle in me was broken, ' she told the court.