Eva Longoria: 'Secret of my perfect line'

Eva Longoria's recipes for achieving and maintaining shape are regularly super fun, and the not at all desperate actress has now introduced boxing into her routine.

May 6, 2022 - 13:57
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Eva Longoria: 'Secret of my perfect line'

After she got tired of ugly comments about being overweight, Eva Longoria revealed another secret of slimness and form on the show with Ellen DeGeneres.

Namely, she said that she can thank her body shape for regularly jumping on the trampoline and that she does it for an hour a day. 'It's a lot of fun! And it’s good for my knees because I’m old. I used to run, I can't do it anymore. A trampoline is very good for you. It's great for my body. Look what he did to me ', said Eva a few months ago.

But it seems like the trampoline was just the beginning of the story as the actress regularly introduces new forms of exercise, and none of them are ones that would bore you in record time. After posting and sharing videos of her trampoline exercises, yoga classes and gym days with the world, she recently shared a piece of her intense one-on-one boxing session , and we believe we’re not the only ones currently wanting to buy a pair of gloves.

The video begins with wrapping perfectly manicured hands for protection by Salvador Garayzar, Brotherhood MMA head coach and owner of Dyna Training. It is clear to us that she knows very well what she is doing. 

Between sparring with her trainer, Eva skips the rope as well, making the already intense cardio workout even more effective. She sticks to traditional jumps and then alternately jumps from one leg to the other with each rotation of the rope.

Eva’s boxing training seems exhausting, but boxing has a lot of benefits that make it worth your effort and toil. In addition to increasing your strength and cardio training, boxing improves a number of fitness parameters, including balance, coordination, reactivity and agility, and is a definitely exercise for the whole body when done properly.