Ankermake M5 3D printer: Kickstarter campaign

Ankermake M5 3D printer: Kickstarter campaign

Photo Credits: AnkerMake/Promo

3D printers are highly useful for accurately implementing and manufacturing your own spare parts and creative impulses. Another startup, Anker, is also attempting to bring a filament printer to market, which should impress with fast printing speeds and AI functions. More about this can be found further down.

Anker has unveiled the Ankermake M5, the company's first 3D printer. With printing speeds of 250 mm per second and acceleration of 2,500 mm/s2, the open filament printer should be able to work swiftly. The benefit of fast speed and acceleration is especially relevant when printing complicated items with a lot of structure to fill.

A camera monitors the printer. The print head is controlled by two-belt systems that allow it to move along guide rails. It hangs on a rod that can move on two such rails on the Z-axis for this function.

In contrast, the bed is moved along the Y-axis. An extruder on the left side supplies the material with the filament spool. The Ankermake M5 is thus fairly comparable to the previous benchmark, the Prusa i3, but it also offers additional comfort features.

A camera monitors the printer, which can independently calibrate its printing plate using an auto-leveling mechanism. In the event of an error or if the printed object detaches from the bed, the printer can notify the user in order to minimize damage.

These operations are managed by a dual-core CPU with a core rate of 1.2 GHz, which should allow for more AI implementations in the future. Touch control and real-time monitoring via the AnkerMake app will complete the bundle.

The Ankermake M5 will be funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which will raise the necessary cash through crowdsourcing. The idea already exists, but critical details such as the price, availability date, and printer's printing space are unknown.