Apple is also said to be preparing an "Extreme Sports" Watch

According to the information available, Apple plans to expand or enhance the range of smart timepieces within the Watch product family. According to, a unique "Extreme Sports" version should also be introduced.

Jul 8, 2022 - 18:02
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Apple is also said to be preparing an "Extreme Sports"  Watch

The edition or new branch of the smartwatch, as the name suggests, should also be able to withstand "tough handling" during intense sports or outdoor activities.

At the same time, the Extreme Sports watch should be distinguished from the Apple Watch in a number of ways. Among other things, it is said to have a higher battery capacity, a stronger structure, and the presence of the largest display ever utilized in an Apple watch. At the same time, the display will provide even more resilience.

This is simply unconfirmed information for the time being. They go on to say that while the usage of metal in the manufacturing of the watch is expected, it should not be aluminum. A greater battery capacity should allow for longer usage (for example, in nature during a trip).

Extreme Sports versions should also provide improved or enhanced capabilities for outside use, such as the capacity to precisely measure the elevation of a hill while walking. It will be natural to monitor the owner's numerous essential functions and notify him of any concerns.

The use of a display with a diagonal of more than 2 inches is assumed here. Overall, the new display should have a 7% larger display area with a resolution of 410 x 502 pixels. Of course, a larger display space can be used to show a greater number of vital (fitness) data or information.

As previously said, the "Extreme Sports" option is not expected to be the sole surprise introduced by Apple during the September presentation (however, its main novelty will definitely be the iPhone 14, where major changes are also expected from the point of view of design, at least in the Pro versions).

The new Apple Watch Series 8 product range, as well as the entry-level Apple Watch SE, will be unveiled. Other watches' displays should not be greater than those of their predecessors (Apple Watch Series 7).

Simultaneously, all new smartwatches should include the updated S8 chip. The watch will already run watchOS 9, which introduced a number of new features last month.

It is also expected that the Extreme Sports watches will be priced higher than the standard Apple Watch.

Wearable electronics, or watches, are a lucrative sector for Apple. In 2015, Apple released the first Apple Watch. In the previous fiscal year, the entire segment earned revenues of 38.4 billion dollars, accounting for roughly one-tenth of overall sales.

Post by Bryan C.