Apple: New options for its smartwatches

Apr 13, 2022 - 21:05
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 Apple: New options for its smartwatches

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 series of smartwatches come with built-in blood pressure sensors. Apple hints that their watches will get these and similar functionalities ... Just not right away.

During the development of the new technology, Apple encountered some problems, so the technology will not be ready for another year, at least that's what famous Apple insiders say. 

Apple is not giving up on this option. It seems that the problem arose in the precise measurement of pressure, which did not prove to be good enough.

As always, Apple wants to measure the pressure in its own way, which means without precise numbers, because someone would tell you how much pressure you have when they can only warn you if it is too high. Unlike Samsung smartwatches, which give accurate blood pressure figures, Apple wants a completely independent solution.

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In addition to blood pressure, Apple has been working on health monitoring methods for some time, such as a non-invasive blood sugar measurement system for its wearable gadgets, but this technology is still far from a usable solution. That's why Apple wants to improve support for other blood sugar meters that can be linked to the health app for now.

Rich software support

Before the launch of the blood pressure measuring tool, the Health app for iPhone will receive an update that will add the option of monitoring sleep quality, tracking medication on time, and monitoring cycles for women. 

Tracking of medication intake should allow you to scan your medication packaging, and the application warns you when to take them. Of course with the option of manual adjustment of appointments and doses.

What we might expect on the Apple Watch this year is a body temperature sensor, which could significantly help with pregnancy planning, and general body temperature control. Of course, knowing Apple, you probably won't get information about your actual temperature here either, but you'll be warned that it's elevated.

More options

In addition to temperature, new Apple watches should also measure the load on your heart, ie its improper operation, especially if this condition recurs.

Apple also announced that watchOS 9 will provide a special low-power mode in which the watch will work with limited functions, but will also use much smaller batteries.

According to announcements, we expect at least three new Apple Watch smartwatches this year, including the standard 8 Series. The cheaper SE model, and the more expensive, more resistant version are designed for extreme conditions and professional athletes.