Mar 21, 2022 - 21:43
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Although they have officially admitted that the latest update of the operating system for smartphones causes the faster discharge of the battery on iPhone phones, Apple says that we should not worry, because it will all sort itself out, or with the next update.

After the release of the new version of iOS on March 15, many users reported that their batteries in iPhone phones run out much faster than when they installed iOS 15.4. Apple has officially admitted that there is a problem with higher consumption, but that all this will be solved on its own.

An official Apple support account on Twitter told users that this was completely normal, and that "it takes 48 hours for apps and new features to adjust after an update. It seems that Apple users can easily swallow everything that comes from the official channels of this company.

If you remember the first time you bought your smartphone and set it up, you may remember noticing that the battery worked unpredictably during the first few days, which is because apps sometimes have to adjust or get a little out of place.

"After the first installation or after the installation of new software, as is the case here."

Apple's recommendation from the official channels is to wait a few days and then assess whether iOS 15.4 consumes more battery power than the previous version of the OS. Of course, a few resets can't hurt much.

Apple is buying time until it solves the problem, which will magically disappear with the iOS 15.5 version that should arrive in a few weeks, where one of the biggest improvements will be - better autonomy.

On the other hand, iOS 15.4 is one of the major system updates, as it brought with it the option to scan faces and unlock devices even when the user wears a mask and goggles, albeit only on the iPhone 12 and 13 models.

As we have already written, the problem with iOS 15.4 seems to be the ProMotion function, even with phones that do not have the option to change the screen refresh rate. 

In addition to causing battery problems, iOS 15.4 brought 30 key patches to systems and applications, as well as over 100 new emoticons. 

However, we would recommend that you wait for iOS 15.5 to arrive because all the patches and emoticons are in vain when your phone turns off at 2 pm because the battery you charged this morning is empty.