Pay attention to this if you want to be a magnet for male looks.

Jul 30, 2022 - 19:51
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The magic that happens between two people is beyond words. It involves hormones and pheromones, personal tastes, charisma, and all of that makes us like a person. Although many people think that men only want to see breasts on women, that is not true. The female body is attractive to men, they are equally intrigued by the look, but also by the stature and voice! Tastes are different, some prefer tall, some short ladies, some blondes and some brunettes, but there are a few things that attract absolutely everyone! Here are the attributes : 

1. Hips

In many polls, hips are at the very top of desirable female attributes! Therefore, before you go on a diet, know that women's curves are more desirable to men. It has a genetic background. Namely, since ancient times it was believed that women who have gorgeous hips are more fertile.

2. Long hair

Although short and long hairstyles are equally popular, judging by the surveys, men singled out ladies with long, lush hair as the sexiest. Psychologists explain this by the fact that men perceive short hair as a symbol of masculinity.

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3. Red color

Whether it's clothes, lipstick, or laundry, red is one of the most dominant colors, a symbol of passion and love. This color is definitely an attention grabber, so it's no wonder that lips coated in red lipstick are so attractive!

4. Eyes

The most common element that men find attractive in a woman is her eyes. Men like women who have big, mysterious eyes that are not easy to decipher.

5. Voice

Apart from looks, men are also attracted to their voice. According to research, men are most attracted to women with high-pitched voices.

6. Body odor

Just as animals attract each other with scents, human bodies also secrete unique pheromones. They are different depending on the reproductive period in which the woman is. Men subconsciously recognize them and characterize them as very attractive. 

7. Juicy lips

A study by the University of Manchester showed that men spend more than half of the time they spend in a woman's company looking at her lips. The respondents chose full, plump lips as the most attractive.


Post By: Vanessa F.