Ashley Graham showed her twins!

Ashley Graham, one of the most famous plus size models in the world, gave birth to twins in early January. And now she showed them for the first time.

Ashley Graham showed her twins!

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

Ashley posted a touching photo on Instagram where she is curled up sitting on the sofa, breastfeeding one baby and holding the other in her arms. This time the model also revealed the names of her sons. They called them Roman and Malachi.

‘My boys were the greatest teachers and reminders that they can do hard things. This was not easy, but it was worth it. I still can’t believe I have three kids. I can't wait to share my experience before and after giving birth, ' Graham wrote. This tender photo of a mother and sons has over one million likes in a short time, and numerous fans have left touching comments.

Among others, her husband and twin father Justin Erwin said: 'There are no words to describe how proud I am'.

Recall, Justin and Ashley already have a two-year-old son, Isaac. The model posted several photos of her belly during her pregnancy and encountered negative comments from women. But Ashley, who has built a successful plus-size modeling career, has become accustomed to poisonous comments and hasn’t paid too much attention to them.

‘Since our bodies are constantly changing, there will always be questions about your relationship with your body. When I got pregnant with Isaac, I hit myself on the head and said, ‘Okay, you’re going to have to additionally believe what you’re telling everyone,’ because my body was changing incredibly fast. And I didn’t realize what pregnancy would actually do to me, from stretch marks to 25 pounds accumulated. In my last pregnancy, I didn't measure myself because I just didn't want to know anything and it was really useful because my health is not determined by my weight, ' she said on social media. She added that she knows she is going to take great care of herself and the babies , but there is one conversation she has with herself in which she repeats that her body is a temple, a strong temple and her body can do anything.