Beyoncé congratulated her twins their birthdays!

This weekend, the world diva Beyonce celebrated the fourth birthday of her twins, daughter Rumi and son Sir, with a short message.

Jun 15, 2021 - 05:50
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Beyoncé congratulated her twins their birthdays!

"What is better than one gift… two", she wrote and wished them a happy birthday.

The message looks like white text on a black background, with no additional embellishments. By the way, it is typical for Beyonce to add a photo of the person she congratulates for the birthday above the text, but this time the photos were missing.

Thus, she continues to skillfully hide her intimacy and secrets around the twins, who are rarely seen in public and on social networks.
In 2017, Beyonce published a photo of her pregnant belly, announcing that she and her husband Jay-Z are expecting a family expansion, and then she published a photo with one-month-old babies.

After those photos and the announcement of the children's names, the famous couple decided to keep their heirs away from the public. The twins' older sister Blue Ivy was seen more often with her parents in public than her siblings.

By: Olivia J. - Gossip Whispers