Bobby Farrell was a disco icon of the 70s with incredible dance moves

Bobby Farrell became famous as the leading vocalist of the group Boney M in the era of disco fever, and in addition to his distinctive style, he filled the media columns with a turbulent marriage with Jasmina Shaban from Macedonia.

Sep 6, 2021 - 05:12
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Bobby Farrell was a disco icon of the 70s with incredible dance moves

The lead vocalist of the Boney M  group, Bobby Farrell, is one of the most impressive musicians in the disco culture of the 70s.

He was known for his unusual and incredible dance moves, deep voice, and glittering costumes that often revealed his naked torso, and with him in the group were three singers whom he completely overshadowed.

Although he left the group in 1981, he returned three years later, and in the meantime, in 1981 to be precise, he married 18-year-old Jasmina Shaban, a Roma woman from Macedonia. The local media then declared their wedding the wedding of the decade, and it was written that they even managed to overshadow Prince Charles and Princess Diana, who got married the same year. About 20,000 people came to greet the newlyweds in Skopje, and the police barely maintained order and peace.

The couple had two children together, daughter Zanillya and son Zanin, and ended their turbulent marriage, which filled the media columns, in 1988. Their daughter, who followed in her father's musical footsteps, spoke about her parents' relationship several times, but she also built a modeling career.

"Dad was often absent as we grew up, and Mom also revealed that he had a number of affairs during the tour," Zanillya told the British Mirror, revealing that they were both fiery, so their heated quarrels sometimes escalated into physical conflicts. Jasmina moved to Italy after the divorce, and the children stayed to live with Bobby in Germany.

The musician's daughter also revealed how the divorce hit him and he turned to alcohol and drugs.

Booby passed away during a 2010 tour of Russia. His lifeless body was found in a hotel room in St. Petersburg after they called him to wake him up, and he did not answer.

By the way, the disco sensation Boney M was founded by German producer Frank Farian in 1975, and they experienced their greatest success in the late '70s during the disco fever.

Some of the most famous songs of the group were "Ma Baker", "Daddy Cool", "Sunny", "Rivers of Babylon" and many others.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers