Cape Verde - More than just a beautiful beach destination

Cape Verde is a mix of art, culture, and beautiful landscapes.

Jun 9, 2022 - 14:57
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Cape Verde - More than just a beautiful beach destination

If you want to visit exotic tropical areas full of long sandy beaches and meet cheerful and hospitable people, then you should opt for Cape Verde, an island nation in the North Atlantic. The Cape Verde Islands will fill you with peace, and you will return home full of positive energy and impressed by the locals. When you arrive in the archipelago, you will soon see how difficult it was to live here. Prolonged isolation, but also unfavorable weather conditions such as drought, have made this island uninhabited. Due to frequent severe periods of famine, the then large population was forced to leave the archipelago.

The Cape Verde Islands were uninhabited until 1456 when they were discovered by the Portuguese, who founded the first city of Ribeira Grande. Today, the city is called Cidade Velha and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the past, slaves were traded here, who were responsible for the rich crops in the fields, but also the reason why the archipelago began to be targeted by pirates. The independence of the island was declared in 1975, and today it is home to most Africans and Portuguese. The Cape Verde Islands have used their potential, and the natural beauties of the islands have become increasingly attractive to many tourists. 

The population began to turn more and more to tourism, so luxury hotels sprang up along the coast. The offer of the islands is wide, so a vacation on one of them can never be passive. Whether you want to dive, swim, sail, surf, hike, hike, or simply relax on the warm sands of beautiful beaches, you will enjoy it!
Fun is at every turn around you. The sounds of the sea, delicious fruit, juices, and specialties of which the fish predominate, should not be missed. Many compare them to the Canary Islands, and it is believed that their time is yet to come. Throughout the year, the archipelago has a pleasant average air temperature of around 77 degrees. Throughout the year, the differences between the lowest and highest temperatures are never greater than 10 degrees.

The best time to visit the islands is from April to September, but also during the other months when it is a bit cooler as the weather is always pleasantly warm. The population lives a peaceful traditional life, filled with the rhythms of samba and salsa mixed with African music. They are affordable, simple, and unique so you will enjoy contacting them when you probably want to buy some of their many traditional handicrafts. Carnival parades take place in February and March, which attracts even more tourists to the islands!

The oldest part of the island is Sal which is named after the salt which is one of the greatest natural resources of the island. It is best known for its eight-kilometer-long sandy beach called Santa Maria. It is recommended that it be your main point for exploring the island. There is also a tourist airport and most tourist facilities. From December to May, strong winds blow, so keep that in mind when sightseeing, which will be best by car or bicycle that you can rent on the island. At the northernmost point of the archipelago is Santo Antão, which due to its rich volcanic soil produces more fruits and vegetables. If you want to try some adventure tours, this will be the right place for you. The tourist offer of the island includes trekking tours and a visit to the plants engaged in the production of Cappard rum - grog.