Cheap tricks for long term volume

Thin and lifeless hair is a thing of the past if you dry it like this. Here are some advices how to create better look with few easy tips.

Cheap tricks for long term volume

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Achieving volume in your hair whenever you want sounds like an impossible mission, but it is actually achievable with knowledge of the tricks of celebrity hairdressers.

Do you lack volume in your hair?  

We know very well how frustrating it can be to achieve volume on all occasions when we need it.

The key to adding shine and volume to hair (without ruining it) is actually to create the illusion that thin and lifeless hair will look thicker and full of volume.

Do not rely on shampoo and conditioner

The hairdresser of famous ladies like Due Lipe and Victoria Beckham, Luke Hersheson, shared some tips for more volume:

You may have thought until now that volume in hair is achieved with the help of the first step - shampoo and conditioner, but Hersheson discovered that there is no need to work in the initial phase.

‘Using the wrong conditioner, or a large amount, can make hair heavier and make it straighter, which in turn will make it look thinner,’ he says.

'I would recommend that you do not use hair masks and heavy hair balms to maintain volume.'

It all comes down to a great hairstyle

The key is to make your hair look as thick as possible? Of course, a great haircut.

'A decent hairstyle is the basis for any styling. Poorly cut hair will not defy gravity, because its weight will pull it down, ' says the famous hairdresser. Without it, you can use any product or tool in the world and you will still struggle to create the volume you want.

Decide for shorter strands

Make shorter front strands a part of your style as they can easily help your hair look thicker.

When drying your hair, take care to direct the flow of air under the roots and upwards, instead of at the top of the head. Such little things make a difference.

Use 'hair fillers'

‘It is common to struggle with thinning hair as you age. Hair fillers or part of the extensions on the side - can help make the hair look lusher, ' 

Secretly placed fillers are ultra subtle and do not have to look like obvious hair extensions accompanied by a bad voice. According to Hersheson, more and more stars are wearing them on the red carpet.

Change your partition

A simple and quick trick to increase volume is to change the parting and switch the hair to the other side.

'Parting in the middle will make the hair look straighter - switching hair is an easy way to add more volume.'