Katie Price will not go to jail!

Former model Katie Price has been released and released due to loopholes in the law, although, according to the judge, she should be in jail.

Dec 19, 2021 - 14:58
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Katie Price will not go to jail!

For years, Katie Price has filled newspaper columns with questionable behavior, controversial statements, and numerous plastic surgeries. That is why she is often the target of criticism. But, despite all that, she does not seem to intend to stop.

She changed men often, and promiscuous behavior led her to bankruptcy. She seemed to be finally on the right track when she got in a relationship with 11-year-younger Carl Woods, but this love didn’t go without a hitch either. Namely, Katie at one point accused him of beating her, and he publicly denied it. It later turned out that Katie actually got into the car drunk and had an accident, and she presented the bruises in public as the consequences of beating from her fiancé.

After the accident that happened on September 27, the police arrested her because she was quite drunk, and Katie already had a driving ban at the time. She was supposed to get a new driver's license in April, and then in October this year. A mother of five has served an 18-month sentence after refusing to reveal who was driving her pink Range Rover during a collision she caused earlier.

Now it's time for a new trial, and the controversial starlet was miraculously released. She was sentenced to 16 weeks probation, although she admitted she could have killed someone with her reckless actions. In addition, the former model will have to do 100 hours of socially useful work, and her driver's license was taken away for another two yearsThe judge also said Katie's driver's file was 'one of the worst she had seen, adding that Katie would have to pay the court about $ 300 for costs. By the way, Katie already owes the court almost $ 9,000.

Judge Amanda Kelly made it clear that she wants to send the mother of five children to prison because she 'deserved to spend Christmas behind bars, but that her hands were tied and she could not.

After the trial, Katie addressed fans on Instagram with a message: 'I would like to thank my family - my children, my mom, dad, sister, brother, my partner Carl, Lee and my friends who have supported me over the past few months.'

It was a really difficult time and I am incredibly sorry for my actions - I am sincerely grateful that no one was hurt. I understand the damage my actions could have caused not only to other families but to mine as well. Triggers for my anxiety and behavior are something that I am trying to understand, reconcile and learn to control. This will be a long process for me and something I will continue to work on for the rest of my life. It is also something I can work on with my family to thrive together. Thanks for all the messages. I will surround myself with family and friends who love me and continue to do the job I love because it brings me pleasure and helps my mental health', she added.

We can only hope that this was really a good lesson for Katie and that she will not repeat such and similar things, even though you never know it. For example, although she once admitted to overdoing the surgeries, that didn’t stop her from going for a facelift again this year.