"Copenhagen Cowboy" series!

Balkan mafia in Copenhagen, prostitution and false promises are just a part of this series.

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"Copenhagen Cowboy" series!

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The Danish metropolis where the action of the new Netflix series "Copenhagen Cowboy" is set could easily be Hades (underworld) because the usual faces from the criminal underworld - murderers, human traffickers, dealers, thugs and some depraved minds that come to life as soon as it gets dark - director and screenwriter Nicolas Winding Refn (Driving, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon) sees as demons and ghosts. In mythology, the Greek underworld, or Hades, is a distinct realm (one of the three realms that makes up the cosmos) where an individual goes after death. The earliest idea of the afterlife in Greek myth is that, at the moment of death, an individual's essence (psyche) is separated from the corpse and is transported to the underworld.

In his second series, Refn returned to the motifs he dealt with in his earlier works, such as crime, violence, atypical family relationships and the supernatural, but to the aesthetics that made him famous - long shots, minimalistic but sumptuous scenography, striking neon lighting and electronic music.

"Copenhagen Cowboy" begins as usual and expected. The first characters we meet are members of a large Balkan family that runs a modeling agency in Copenhagen, which is actually a brothel. Rosella ( Dragana Milutinović ), the caretaker of the girls who are forced into prostitution, desperately wants a child, but now she is too old to get pregnant easily. Instead of turning to modern medicine, the superstitious and ritualistic woman "buys" the amulet Mia ( Angela Bundalovic ) and brings it into her home, which she shares with her husband Sven ( Per Thiim Thim ). Instead of bringing her a child, Miu brings chaos to the family and the girls they control, and very quickly finds herself in a potentially hopeless and dangerous situation.

However, although she is not physically strong, Mia soon shows that she is extremely resourceful and perceptive, but also powerful, but not in the traditional sense. It is worth watching!


Post By: Vanessa F.