Dacia has a new visual identity!

Announcing the new strategy earlier this year, Dacia has made it known that it is turning a new page in its history. The new chapter is reflected in the new logo, emblem, colors and terrains yet to be conquered.

Jun 17, 2021 - 16:41
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Dacia has a new visual identity!

New logo

The new logo and the new emblem symbolize Dacia's uniqueness and daring form, the crown of a renewed visual identity. They are the result of the efforts of the design team, which wanted to express the essence of Dacia's philosophy through which the brand has been guided from the very beginning. The logo, the central element of the new visual identity, leaves a strong impression of strength and stability. The shape of the letters "D" and "C" is intentionally simplified, and the letters themselves are shown as images in the mirror that symbolize the economical thinking and ingenuity of the brand. The geometric lines of the logo create the impression of a mechanical movement in the series of letters.

Emblem heart logo

The emblem, on the other hand, represents only the heart of the logo because in it, the letters “D” and “C” are connected like a chain; strong and unbreakable. Thanks to that, the new emblem is powerful, impressive, and easily recognizable, even from afar. Although simple and easy to understand, the new elements of the visual identity are full of meaning and reflect the durability of Dacia's models - a quality that millions of customers enjoy every day.

The overall graphic design has been greatly simplified to remind us of Dacia’s commitment to creating essential vehicles. All design elements complement each other perfectly and form a whole, showing the potential for digital application. Just like the brand they represent, the graphic design elements are both powerful and flexible. For example, the letter "D" in the shape of an arrow on the logo directs the gaze towards the center of the design and creates the impression of movement that reveals the orientation of the brand towards the future.

Dacia in green attire

The color palette, based on khaki-green, signifies the brand's connection with nature and at the same time symbolizes the terrain on which Dacia's models, just like their customers, come into their own.

Additional colors on offer:

- three earth colors: dark khaki, terracotta color, and sand color

- two additional colors, bright orange, and green, round off the offer and create the impression of a technologically advanced vehicle

The essence of the brand is also characterized by a new visual language that reflects the need for freedom, rest, and return to nature. These are the basic needs that many of us strive for. They allow us to dedicate ourselves to what is really important and get rid of everything unnecessary. Dacia. Everything you need.

The gradual introduction of a new visual identity

Starting from June 2021, the new brand identity will be gradually communicated through various channels (brand website, advertising, brochures ...), and from 2022, it will also adorn Dacia's points of sale. The new logo and emblem will shine on Dacia vehicles from the second half of 2022.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers