Daniel Craig: 'Hugh Jackman will be Agent 007 over my dead body!'

The film ‘No Time to DIe’, the 25th in a row about secret agent James Bond, has been awaited by fans for a year and a half, all the while everyone is trying to guess who Craig’s successor will be. Craig managed to narrow down that choice ...

Sep 30, 2021 - 10:52
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Daniel Craig: 'Hugh Jackman will be Agent 007 over my dead body!'

Ever since it became official that ‘No Time to Die’ is Daniel Craig’s (53) last James Bond movie, everyone has been trying to guess who the next 007 agent will be.

According to bookmakers, the favorite is actor Tom Hardy,  44, but Craig has yet to say who he is “rooting for”.

However, in a recent interview, he crossed one of the potential actors off the list -  Hugh Jackman (52).

"You know everyone is now wondering who will be next. Hugh Jackman told you to enjoy while you can," said host Lorraine Kelly (61).

To this Craig immediately replied: "He won't be Bond. Over my dead body".

Jackman readily accepted the joke via Twitter and shared a video clip from the interview.

"Well ... that kills the rumor! Daniel, mate, you will always be 007 to me. I am IN, Lorraine Kelly," the famous actor jokingly wrote.

Before Craig was named the new Bond in 2006, it was suspected that Jackman could get the role. However, he then played the role of Wolverine in the popular "X-Men" film series, so he turned down the role even though he always wanted to be Agent 007.

I didn’t want to play two such important roles at the same time,” Hugh said.

By: Helen B.