Daniel Craig's daughter is so beautiful that she could easily play a Bond girl

After 15 years, Daniel Craig is saying goodbye to the role of James Bond. The film "No Time to Die" was solemnly showed last night in London, where Craig's daughter, who was completely in line with the 007 theme, appeared on the red carpet.

Sep 30, 2021 - 11:50
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Daniel Craig's daughter is so beautiful that she could easily play a Bond girl

Ella Loudon rarely appears with her father in public, but this time she was beside him the whole time.

Ella is 29 years old, she is an actress and she is Daniel Craig's first child, from a marriage that lasted only two years with his ex Fiona Loudon. She made several short films, but dedicated her career, at least for now, to the theater.

Ella appeared at the premiere completely in line with the whole 007 theme, in a tuxedo-like women's suit, which is one of the obligatory Bond outfits in each of the films made about this secret agent. Everyone noticed how much she looks like her father, but also how she can be compared to other beauties from the red carpet.

She grew up in London before moving to America for college. However, after a year she dropped out of school and on several occasions spoke openly about how she was struggling with depression at the time.

She has shared numerous photos on social media with his father and his second wife, actress Rachel Weisz, with whom he has been married since 2011.

By the way, Craig recently said that he does not intend to leave Ella, or his younger daughter, any of his wealth, which is estimated at more than 116 million dollars.

"I will leave them money to finish school and participate in a housing loan, but that's all. I think it's distasteful, I want to spend money until I die and the younger generations can cope" he said but did not add how the daughters reacted to this decision.

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