Depp: 'Your allegations are cruel and false'

Actor Johnny Depp , 58, returned to the witness stand on Wednesday to refute the testimony of his ex-wife Amber Heard.

May 25, 2022 - 15:24
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Depp: 'Your allegations are cruel and false'

Actor Johnny Depp, 58, returned to the witness stand on Wednesday to refute the testimony of his ex-wife  Amber Heard, 36, in their multimillion-dollar defamation battle, saying allegations of abuse against him were 'unimaginably brutal, cruel and fake '. 

'Terrible, funny, humiliating, painful, wild. Unimaginably brutal, cruel and false. Everything is fake' Depp said in his testimony and added: 'No human being is perfect, but I have never in my life committed sexual abuse or physical abuse.'

Recall, the ex-girlfriend of actor Johnny Depp, model Kate Moss testified at the trial on Wednesday. She denied that Depp pushed her down the stairs, thus disputing another statement Heard made in court a few days ago.'I was screaming, it hurt. I didn't know what happened. He ran to me to help me, took me to the room and made sure I was fine' she explained.

Depp's lawyer asked her if Johnny had pushed her down the stairs, which Kate denied. He then asked her, 'Did he push you down any stairs?' But Moss denied that too, adding: 'He never pushed me, hit me or threw me down any stairs.'

Recall, almost thirty years ago, the whole world was buzzing about the love of Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. The actor was 31, and the famous model was only 20 years old when they met and fell in love with each other and started a love affair that will be followed by the entire planet. 

Kate later stated that she knew immediately that the two of them would be together. 'We chatted a bit, mostly about nonsense, but we didn’t want to stop,' the model said. She said wonderful things about Depp for the next four years – how gentle he was with her, he protected her, led her through art galleries, and taught her many things.

On one occasion, he prepared an unforgettable surprise for her. At a nightclub he held in Los Angeles, he organized a party to which, hiding from Kate, he brought her divorced parents and a close friend, the famous fashion designer John Galliano. They waited for Depp’s signal for everyone to come out in front of Kate and make her happy!