Determine which heel height really suits you

Use a simple method to determine which heel height really suits you.

Aug 8, 2022 - 18:02
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Determine which heel height really suits you

Regardless of the pain that heels cause to their fans around the world, they are still the number one fashion accessory. Use a simple method to determine which heel height really suits you. Although it may surprise you that this is so, high heels make you taller and slimmer and contribute to improving self-confidence, so it is justified that they are called a must-have fashion accessory. 

However, not every shoe with high heels is the perfect one that will give you a stunning look and 'instant' confidence. How many times have you seen some ladies struggle because they didn't choose the right type of shoes? We agree that high heels make the leg look longer and more toned, but sometimes you can get the same effect with a lower heel without suffering terrible pain.

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When choosing, several factors are important: the type, whether they are closed or open, and the inclination of the foot and the heel. The old rule says that heels that are up to 7 centimeters are considered comfortable for walking. However, if you really want to choose a model with a higher heel, a simple trick that requires a tape measure or a ruler will help. Why not?

So, you need to sit on a chair and fully extend your foot and toes. With a ruler, measure from the sole to the tread, that is, to the part where the foot bends when you wear high-heeled shoes. The number obtained is the exact height that best suits your foot, so it's good to keep that number in mind when you are shopping your next heels.

If your height seems lower than you would like, experts say that you won't go wrong if you choose shoes with a heel up to a centimeter or two higher, but that anything over that is a big pressure for the foot.


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