5 post-break up mistakes we all make

Breakups are never easy.

Aug 8, 2022 - 15:20
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5 post-break up mistakes we all make

Most often, one party suffers more, because they are still in love and do not want things to end. Even if the reason for the breakup is cheating, sometimes is hard to let everything go, even though the relationship is not worth keeping. However, what's important is to make sure you don't make any big mistakes after a breakup, even if your heart is broken into a thousand pieces.

The fact is that hardly anyone copes with a breakup perfectly. Most people will make at least one mistake after it, which will make them feel even worse. We reveal to you the most common mistakes that a huge number of people make after a breakup.


Everyone feels bad after a breakup, and there's really no need to pretend they're not. You may think you're showing you're strong and emotionally stable by downplaying how you feel, but does it really matter what others think? It's perfectly normal to feel sad and even not in the mood for anything. Accepting emotions is important because suppressing them can cause them to surface when you least need them.


When a breakup happens, it's really important that you know all the details that led up to it. Only in this way can you experience the end of the whole story. If some things are left unfinished, either on purpose or by accident, they give you a reason to call your ex and ask to talk to them about it. Everyone who succumbs to that feeling justifies themselves by looking for the end of the story when they are actually trying to find a way to reconcile.


Being friends with someone who was your lover until yesterday is not impossible, but it cannot happen overnight. It takes time to heal wounds and to accept a new situation. Even if you two have known each other for years and were friends first, it's just wrong to try to rebuild that friendship if you just broke up. Emotions that are still raw will not allow you to look at him with friendly eyes.


A good number of people believe that the best remedy for forgetting an old relationship is to enter a new one. The truth couldn't be further from that. Searching for someone who will only serve you as an absorbent of your negative emotions is simply not fair. You may have the impression that you have easily moved on, but if you haven't taken the time to think about everything that happened to you with your ex and learn from everything, chances are high that you will repeat your mistakes.  


Until yesterday, you were very excited to post your photos together on social networks and your heart was full when others commented positively on your love, and today you are already stalking his profile and looking for something new and unexpected. Although it will be hard for you to fight the urge to spy on him on social media, such an act will only prolong your pain. It won't do you any good if you see him in pictures with other girls or out on the town with his company without you.

Post by: Rinna James