DiCaprio had trouble with Meryl Streep's nude scene

DiCaprio had a problem with Meryl Streep;s nude scene.He was disappointed that Streep's character, will appear naked in the film

Dec 15, 2021 - 10:42
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DiCaprio had trouble with Meryl Streep's nude scene

Leonardo DiCaprio did not like the idea that the character played by Meryl Streep has a nude scene in the movie "Don't Look Up" which has just arrived in theaters, and from Christmas Eve it will be available on Netflix. The actor's disagreement with the decision was revealed to the public by film director Adam McKay, who told The Guardian that DiCaprio had expressed his disappointment that President Janie Orleans, played by 72-year-old Streep, would appear naked, although the Oscar-winning actress was replaced by a double. At first, many will think that the eternal bachelor, a 47-year-old actor known for the fact that his girls are mostly under 25 and models, resents it for completely different, socially unacceptable reasons. But it was not so.

"You know who had a problem with that scene? Leo," McKay revealed in the introduction. But he immediately followed up and clarified the story.

"Leo just looks at Meryl as a royal person from the world of film, although perhaps the royal family is not a compliment. Basically, he sees her as a special figure in film history," the director said, explaining how much DiCaprio respects Streep. In the film itself, President Janie Orlean is shown naked from behind. However, McKay continues, DiCaprio “didn’t like her to be seen with a tattoo on his lower back, walking naked for even a second”.

"He asked me something like do I really have to show it? I told him it was President Orleans, not Meryl Streep. And she, she didn't blink because of it. She didn't even mention the scene. She's fearless," McKay said.

Everyone respects Meryl

By the way, DiCaprio recently told Access that the cast, which includes Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill, was on its feet when Meryl came in, as they should have been, referring to how much they respect her work.

"Look, when you have the opportunity to work with the greatest living actress in the world, everyone is on their feet, everyone is ready, and we're just trying to keep up with her," said the actor, who has already had the opportunity to work with Streep in 1996 on the film "Marvin's Room" when the actress played his mother.