Lea Seydoux star in a shocking film

Lea Seydoux is a French actress who managed to build an international career that could be envied by many famous colleagues. 

May 22, 2022 - 06:42
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Lea Seydoux star in a shocking film

Lea Seydoux is a French actress who managed to build an international career that could be envied by many famous colleagues. Although she is best known to the general public as Bond's girlfriend, she has acted in no less resounding films such as "The French Dispatch", "The Grand Budapest Hotel", "Mission Impossible" and "Saint Laurent".

This French actress obviously chooses her roles carefully and does not allow herself to be pushed into an acting cliché according to which she would play only one role for the rest of her life.

Lea Seydoux was born on July 1, 1985, in Paris. Her parents are of mixed origin: French-German with Basque roots. Her mother is a philanthropist and her father is a businessman. Her grandfather is the president of Pathé. She began her career with roles in French films and attracted public attention for the first time in the film "La Belle Personne", for which she won the Caesar Award and the Cannes Film Festival Award .for Best Young Actress.

The last film we can watch, which will be shown in Cannes, is the science fiction thriller "Crimes of the Future", for which the director said he expects the audience to leave the hall after five minutes. The film is set in the future in which many people have the syndrome of accelerated evolution, which causes the growth of new body organs. Shocking scenes such as open surgical wounds can be seen in the film. In this film, Lea plays the partner of an avant-garde performer with organs that are constantly changing. "Surgery is the new sex," is one of the lines from the film that suggests the shock and brutality of the whole film.

Lea is returning to Cannes, which she won back in 2013, when she and her colleague Adele Exarchopoulos won the Golden Flame for the film "Blue is the warmest color", in which they play a lesbian couple. When the Weinstein affair began to spread like wildfire through Hollywood, Lea also published an author's text in the Guardian.

“I've met men like Harvey Weinstein all my life. I’ve starred in many films over the last 10 years and have been lucky enough to win awards at festivals like Cannes. The movie is my life. I am well aware of the ways in which the film industry treats women as inferior beings” - she wrote then, and in the text, she exposed the entire system of functioning of the "dream factory".

Hollywood makes unrealistic demands on one woman. It is a dictatorship of beauty. All actresses put on Botox as early as 30. They have to be perfect. That image is bizarre and takes all the control away from women.”

She has starred in James Bond films twice in a row. She thinks it's time to talk about "Bond women" instead of "Bond girls".

As she said, she is grateful to Daniel Craig because he is a feminist. “I think that because of him, female characters have changed so much in this film series. It was time for strong female characters to appear in Bond films and I am glad that it happened” - she said in an interview.