Did you watch sixth season of the series "Ray Donovan"?

Did you watch the crime series "Ray Donovan", in which the main character does dirty work and cleans up the "mess" left behind by famous people?

Nov 25, 2023 - 12:33
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Did you watch sixth season of the series "Ray Donovan"?

"Ray Donovan" is the name of the series, but also the name of the main character of that series, who was embodied by Liev Schreiber in the past seven seasons. The main character, Ray Donovan, is a man who does dirty work and cleans up the "mess" that celebrities leave behind. They turn to Ray when they need to discreetly resolve unpleasant situations in which they find themselves. Those situations could lead to scandals and endanger their careers. 

But Ray's real problem is trouble in his own family. Problems are caused by his father (the excellent Jon Voight) who has spent a good part of his life in prison, two brothers who are barely managing in life, and the dark-skinned half-brother who is a failed boxer on his way to becoming a criminal. At the same time, his family life also suffers, he cheats on his wife, who soon becomes ill with cancer, and he can't manage his relationship even with his teenage son and daughter.

In 2014, Jon Voight won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Mickey Donovan, and Ray's father, Hank Azaria won an Emmy for Best Guest Actor in 2017, the series won two more awards, 5 Golden Globe nominations, and 37 more other nominations.

After seven seasons, the production company "Showtime" decided to end the "Ray Donovan" series. During those seven seasons, this series won ten nominations for the television Emmy Award, and Hank Azaria was the only one to win it in 2016. Jon Voight won a Golden Globe for his role in this series. For the role of Ray Donovan, Schreiber was nominated five times for the Golden Globe and three times for the Emmy Award.

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