"Napoleon" is a visual spectacle and a character study!

Joaquin Phoenix's performance will go down in history!

Nov 24, 2023 - 17:10
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"Napoleon" is a visual spectacle and a character study!

How to tell the story of an extraordinary life? How to tell the story of a man about whom, it is estimated, more than 300 thousand books are written? How to decide what should and should not be included in that story? How to put everything you know in more than two and a half hours?

British director Ridley Scott and American screenwriter David Scarpa decided that they did not want to tell the story of Napoleon Bonaparte the way it is usually done in Hollywood. Namely, the majority of biographical films that come out of that dream factory resemble clumsily dramatized encyclopedia entries.

When the production company Apple Studios, a subsidiary of the technology giant Apple, announced in January 2021 that they would finance and produce Scott's film "Kitbag" (later the film was renamed "Napoleon") about the French general and conqueror Napoleon, the British director revealed why he wanted to tell the story of one of the most famous historical figures.

"Napoleon has always fascinated me. He came out of nowhere and ruled everything. However, at the same time, he was waging a romantic war against his adulterous wife Joséphine. He conquered the world to win her love. When it turned out he couldn't have her, he conquered the world to see her destroyed and he destroyed himself in the process," Scott stated.

With that statement, Scott hinted that his film about Napoleon would not be another "from the cradle to the grave" story, but that he had found an interesting point in the biography of the famous Frenchman around which he would build a dramatic conflict. If he had opted for conventional solutions, his "Napoleon" would come to the battlefield called screen unprepared and unarmed. "Napoleon", is an unusual film about an unusual man and the women who shaped him.

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