Difficult to recognize: Ashley Judd

On the account of Ashley Judd - once one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, today there are many negative comments due to exaggeration with aesthetic corrections.

Jul 30, 2022 - 19:41
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Difficult to recognize: Ashley Judd

The legendary country singer Naomi Judd tragically passed away in April of this year when, after a long struggle with depression, she committed suicide just one day before she was received to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and during the tribute, her 54-year-old daughter Ashley Judd also gave a speech.

Despite the touching speech about how her mother was an inspiration to generations of women, much more attention was drawn to the face of the famous actress, whom today many accuse of having ruined it with cosmetic surgeries and beauty treatments .

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This is not the first time that the actress, who became famous with films shot in the nineties, has been the target of numerous critics. On the contrary, she explained that she regularly uses Botox to treat migraines, and she sent a harsh message to all those who did not refrain from insults.

And while others were laughing, she hid a sad reason

'I have been suffering from migraines for more than a year. It is the 3rd most widespread disease in the world. Did I go for botox? Botox is the standard treatment for the disease I have. My insurance pays for 31 shots every 12 weeks. Some friends advised me not to publish this medical fact because it could be used against me, but I think it's important to be honest. Those who twist my words should be ashamed,' she said.

The famous actress also addressed those who regularly compare how she looks today with how she looked at the peak of her career. ' What I do know is that the misogynists on Twitter have been killing me comparing the new me to the version they idealized before I gained weight. My conventionally thin, athletic, beautiful body and skinnier face are just one side of the same patriarchal coin,' she concluded.

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