Discord adds text chat to voice channels

Discord, the main communication network used by gamers and streamers, has been missing something for years: the availability of a voice chat integrated into the sharing of broadcasts. A function that has been available to selected users as a first test over the past month and is now ready for complete incorporation into the application.

Jun 2, 2022 - 22:06
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Discord adds text chat to voice channels

According to Discord, the service has enabled text chat in voice channels on all of its platforms, enabling a dedicated part of the voice channel where we can create and share all types of information, including text and emoticons, stickers, or GIFs.

Furthermore, as previously said, it will not be essential to join the ongoing calls in order to engage in these chats, so we can interfere as if it were any other text channel.

As an added feature, when someone submits any form of message in these conversations while we are on the call, new previews of the messages will appear in the upper right corner of the application as mini pop-ups.

Indeed, these voice channel conversations will have the same permissions and capabilities as ordinary text chats, allowing moderators to choose their options and/or constraints. Furthermore, these chats will inherit the benefits of subscription-driven servers, such as greater file uploads.

The way we access and use these chats differs depending on whether we use a computer or the Discord smartphone app. These chats can be accessed from the PC by pointing the mouse over the channel and clicking on the dialog cloud icon; however, from the mobile device, we only need to click on the voice channel (which will now open without joining it) and then click on the dialog cloud icon in the top right.

As a result, this function is free for all servers, however, it is currently only available on servers for private use, leaving out servers designated as "Communities" for the time being. However, by June 29, all servers will have this new text function activated in audio chats, according to the business.