Disheveled Kim Kardashian in lingerie!

Kim pointed out her hourglass figure, and no one was immune to the sight.

Jun 21, 2021 - 13:13
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Disheveled Kim Kardashian in lingerie!

Reality star Kim Kardashian with a close-up of her body in underwear and in natural lighting, in which every inch of her was clearly visible, made everyone crazy.

The Kardashian posed in her brand's underwear, in the color of her skin, and she didn't have any makeup on her face. She smiled, but from the bright light, she looked like she was frowning and smiling at the same time.

Kim pointed out her hourglass figure, and no one was immune to her ravishing curves and attributes, which show a white bikini line.

She also honored her followers with a look at her body, in high resolution up close. Furthermore, in that photo, it is clear that the Kardashian is provocative even when she gets burned by the sun.

"What a hottie," "She doesn't look the freshest, but she's still managed to be provocative," "This woman is bursting with confidence," "Amazing body," "No competition," "She's beautiful," are just some of the fans' comments.

Recall, Kim recently said that she believes that the family reality show would not be equally successful without her explicit video that "leaked" to the public.

"I don't think the show would have succeeded if it hadn't leaked to the public. It’s something I have to learn to live with. Everything happens for a reason and I learned a lesson from that scandal"- the Kardashian said earlier.

By: Amber V. - Gossip Whispers