Do you have enough courage for a "Night Swim" movie?

The trailers gave horror film fans goosebumps!

Jan 4, 2024 - 11:43
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Do you have enough courage for a "Night Swim" movie?

Horror fanatics can't wait for the first film of that genre to be released in 2024. We are talking about the movie "Night Swim", whose two trailers published on YouTube have 25 million views together. The trailers gave horror movie fans goosebumps.

A movie about a haunted pool

"Night Swim", starring Wyatt Russell as Ray Walker and Kerry Condon as Eve, hits US theaters on January 5th. The thriller from Universal Pictures shows the swimming pool of a new family home, which is home to an evil spirit that tries to kill children Izzy (Amélie Hoeferle) and Elliot (Gavin Warren) and possesses their parents Ray and Eve.

The horror synopsis reads: "Forced into early retirement due to a degenerative disease, former baseball player Ray Waller moves into a new house with his wife Eve and two children. He hopes the backyard pool will be fun for the kids and provide him with physical therapy. However, a dark secret from the house's past unleashes an evil force that drags the family into the depths of inevitable terror."

Horror fanatics are more than excited

People are already delighted. "There's something scary about swimming alone at night, I'm glad to see a movie take full advantage of that," "I like the idea of ​​a pool horror movie," "The trailer ends making me want to see the bigger picture and I like that. No I can imagine how they made a movie about a haunted pool", "I can't wait to watch it". are some of the comments.

"As a child, I was afraid to swim alone in a pool at night. I'm glad they used that fear for a movie," "I got goosebumps. The ocean is full of monsters, obviously, but I've never been afraid of a pool before. After this movie I will be scared", "This looks great. The plot is original", "Normally I don't like horror movies, but this looks too good and quite original", commented others.

The horror film is based on Rod Blackhurst and Bryce McGuire's acclaimed short film from 2014. Bryce teamed up with producers James Wan and Jason Blum to turn the story into a feature film. "Night Swim" is age-restricted to people over 15 years old.

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