Elden Ring: Player discovers secret wall

Mar 19, 2022 - 17:11
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Elden Ring: Player discovers secret wall

Is From Software's smash popular RPG getting even bigger? Finding an Elden Ring player may imply exactly that. Iron Pineapple, a YouTuber, recently removed a seemingly gigantic wall with a series of sword swings. It was followed by a vast area occupied by NPCs and a connected tunnel.

The Elden Ring's dark realm is riddled with mysteries, some of which are exceptionally tough to solve. Fortunately, there are folks who bang on seemingly solid walls for over 20 seconds, ostensibly to discover the most important secrets of role-playing.

Iron Pineapple did exactly that, striking an inconspicuous stone wall with roughly 50 sword strokes, which subsequently vanished in little clouds of dirt, revealing a larger secret room with a connected corridor. NPCs were also spotted in Volcano Manor's northeastern outskirts.

Just a Glitch?

It is unclear whether this is a planned insertion due to the significant effort necessary to dismantle the stone wall. This is reinforced by the fact that the obstruction vanished in an (although brief) animation.

In the event of a glitch, the wall is more likely to vanish without a trace. However, it remains to be seen whether Iron Pineapple's Fund "changes everything," as he stated on Twitter. So far, the YouTuber appears to be the only one who has successfully scaled a wall in Elden Ring.

In fact, the connecting path beyond the shattered wall went back to Volcano Manor's main room. There were no hidden elements or even a side quest behind the ostensibly "fake stonework." Anyone interested in breaking down barriers can do so on PC, Playstation 5/4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Hackers can trap players in death loops

Hackers can crash the Elden Ring on other users, ruining their saves, according to the @EldenRingUpdate Twitter account and a Reddit post by user Draiganedig. If impacted players re-login, they will be trapped in an endless death circle. The character then falls into the abyss and is killed by the game after a little period of time, only to respawn in the emptiness.

In multiplayer, there appears to be no method to protect yourself against the hack. It is so recommended on Reddit that you routinely back up your savegames in order to import them afresh if necessary. Furthermore, it is rumored that it is sometimes possible to break out from the death loop.

You have a brief minute before the game kills you as you fall into nothingness. During the fall, it is said to help to end the game with Alt+F4. When you restart the game, you should have a little more time to open the map and teleport. This, too, obviously necessitates numerous attempts and is hence annoying. As a result, it is hoped that From Software would reply quickly with a patch and put a stop to the hackers.