Eva Longoria showed off her chiseled body

Eva Longoria was photographed on vacation in Spain, where she showed off her chiseled body.

Jul 21, 2022 - 19:32
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Eva Longoria showed off her chiseled body

Eva Longoria (47) is one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses and she never had a problem with posing even without makeup. The "Housewife" star was filmed on vacation in the Spanish city of Marbella and she was in the company of her four-year-old son Santiago Enrique. Eva and her son enjoyed the beach, and on this occasion, she was wearing a one-piece, high-cut white thong swimsuit by Myra Swim.

Longoria, in a swimsuit, which emphasizes her thighs and legs because of the cutout, showed that she does not edit the photos on Instagram and that they show her body as it really is. She combined a hat and sunglasses with the swimsuit and of course, she did not go unnoticed on the Spanish beach.

By the way, the actress, who often goes shopping without makeup and likes to pose for the paparazzi, once revealed how she managed to sculpt her body, and it's a very fun activity. Namely, last year on the Ellen DeGeneres show, she said that she owes her body shape to regular jumping on the trampoline and that she does it for an hour a day.

'It's a lot of fun! And it's good for my knees because I'm old. I used to run, but I can't do it anymore. The trampoline is very good for you. It's great for my body. Look what he did to me,' said Eva.

She also referred to her appearance in the photos, explaining that you have to lie on your back to keep your stomach flat. 'That's when you take a photo,' she pointed out with a laugh. Longoria, who has been married to businessman José Pepe Baston (54) since 2016 and this is her third fateful 'yes', pays attention to a balanced diet in addition to exercise. After giving birth in 2018, she stopped consuming sugar, dough and alcohol and she usually eats organic and fresh foods.

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