Ezra Miller: A new attack in Iceland

The woman explained in an interview with "Variety" how the actor first grabbed her by the neck, and then knocked her to the ground.

Jul 2, 2022 - 09:48
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Ezra Miller: A new attack in Iceland

An unknown woman pointed the finger at Ezra Miller because of certain strangulation that took place in 2020 in Iceland and, as she said, "just before the covid period". The woman explained in an interview with "Variety" how the actor first grabbed her by the neck, and then knocked her to the ground so that only then did the people around her realize that it was not a joke, but that she needed help.

Miller's media representatives, as well as lawyers, have not yet responded to questions about the entire drama. The aforementioned media, on the other hand, published the words of a woman who wished to remain anonymous on Thursday. She began her side story by explaining how she first noticed that the actor was wearing sandals, but "that his feet were covered in the wounds that he claimed to have received during the fight".

The meeting took place in a pub, and she joked with Ezra that she too could fight. “You really want to fight?” - was Ezra's question, according to her memory.

Then they had (as a joke) agreed to meet in a part of the bar where smoking is allowed. However, the friend she was with made the situation worse, by asking if the actor will use force.

He shouldn't have said that, it was all just a joke” - she recalled, then added that Miller had just run outside. “Do you want to fight? Is that what you want?” - he said before the whole drama.

In a second, he jumped on me, choked me, shouted in my face, and my friend was filming everything... It took me a little time to understand that it was not a game or a joke. The matter was indeed serious. My friend pushed Ezra away and prevented him from attacking back” - she then explained, then mentioned how the star of "Fantastic Beasts" also spat on her several times.

At one point, the waiter appeared to defuse the situation. “Miller accused my friends of pushing him, but that was not the case” - she concluded. The waiter, according to further writings, locked the door behind Miller, who spent some time banging his hands on it, and then left by car in an unknown direction with his friends.

Let us remind you that in March of this year, Miller was imprisoned for disturbing the peace in a cafe in Hawaii.

Post by: Rinna James