The Price Of Angelina's New Bag Will Shock You

Mar 5, 2022 - 10:36
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The Price Of Angelina's New Bag Will Shock You

Angelina Jolie was spotted out and about in Los Angeles with her daughter Shiloh in a stylish outfit. She took a Dior bag to buy in the City of Angels, which is a fantasy for most.

Even on a simple stroll with her kid, Angelina Jolie looked stunning.

The movie diva was shrouded in a large black scarf while strolling with Shiloh and security nearby, and she wore Valentino-styled black sunglasses and a black face mask.

She paired her ensemble with long black leggings and carried the stunning Christian Dior St. in her left hand. Honoré bag in black.

This purse costs an unbelievable $3800.

As soon as Angelina Jolie's images went viral, questions regarding the bag's cost began to surface. Many people expressed their desire to carry a bag like this, but that the price prohibits them from doing so, and that they can only admire it from afar.

Indeed, the price of this bag is certain to make many people dizzy. For the purpose of comparison, some people will pay a lot for a secondhand automobile, while the most opulent accommodations in the world cost around the same.

By the way, this bag with two handles comes with a leather belt with a Christian Dior button that can be adjusted. It also includes an inside zippered compartment for quick access to basic goods.

The Weeknd’s new studio album has rekindled rumors of his relationship with Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. He released the album on January 6 this year, and in the song “Here We Go Again” he mentions his girlfriend who is a movie star and whom he adores.

Some say that the song is in the past and it may be that the couple has already broken up, but according to many, it is clear that the single is about Angelina Jolie. His fans immediately started writing about it on social media, but the famous alleged couple has not yet commented on it.

Rumors of their relationship began circulating last year when they were seen together at a restaurant in Santa Monica, and they hung out quite often after that.