" Ferrari" - The great Michael Mann is back!

Are you ready to watch the life story of the greatest automobile mogul?

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" Ferrari" - The great Michael Mann is back!

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The film tells the story of the life of the automotive magician, the founder of the famous automobile empire "Ferrari", Enzo Ferrari.

All this is under the direction of Michael Mann, who directed "The Last of the Mohicans", "Heat", "The Insider, and Collateral". He also signed the screenplay, based on the book by Brock Yates "Enzo Ferrari: The Man and The Machine ". He did this together with Troy Kennedy Martin, author of the book "The Italian Job".

In the role of a charismatic and unique magnate is two-time Oscar-nominated Adam Driver. He has, according to experts, experienced a drastic but fantastic transformation in the film. Namely, he had a big challenge since they are playing the role of Enco, who was 59 years old at that moment, and he is almost two decades younger.

The movie plot

The film is set in 1957 and follows former race car driver Enzo Ferrari, whose company, which he and his wife Laura created from nothing ten years earlier,  run into trouble. Their turbulent marriage faces the tragic loss of their son Dino, who was groomed to be Enzo's heir from an early age, and their attempts to accept another born during the war. Ferrari decides to recover the loss, goes for all or nothing, and applies for participation in the famous race in Italy.

A large number of well-known actors play in this high-budget film - Penelope Cruz as Enzo's wife Laura Ferrari, Patrick Dempsey plays the driver Pierre Taruffi, Shailene Woodley in the role of Lina Larda, but also Jack O'Connell, Sarah Gadon and Gabriel Leone.

Director Michael Mann, who has been preparing for filming for more than two decades, stated that the film is far bloodier than the audience expects, as it contains a sequence detailing a car accident involving one of Ferrari's racers, with explicit details such as dismembered limbs and torso.

The award-winning team that worked on the film is also a guarantee of a successful project.

The director of photography is Oscar winner, Erik Messerschmitt, the scenographer is Marija Đurković, who was nominated for an Oscar, as well as Massimo Cantini Parini, who is in charge of costumes.


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