Films from the Golden Globes you should watch

The Golden Globes are over, and awards season continues until it culminates with the Oscars in March.

Jan 13, 2023 - 11:19
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Films from the Golden Globes you should watch

In order to better prepare for the Oscars, we selected some films from this year's Golden Globes that you should watch. It is not only about the nominated films but also the films for which the actors and actresses were nominated. 

In addition, we didn't concentrate on the most hyped titles, such as "Avatar", "Elvis", "Top Gun" and "Everything Everywhere All at Once", which most viewers have already seen or at least heard of, but on films that could easily slip under your radar. 

Triangle of Sadness

This satirical black comedy, created in an international co-production, is one of the most praised films of the year, and the plot follows a couple of famous models who decide to join the luxurious cruise of the super-rich. 

It's already picked up a bunch of awards at Cannes and EFA, and if you're not overly allergic to pandering to like-minded people, you might as well have some fun. 

Argentina, 1985

The film directed by Santiago Mitra is a historical drama based on real events and follows the trial of the ringleaders of the bloodiest dictatorship in the history of Argentina. 

This is a real treat for fans of courtroom dramas, which this time, fortunately, does not come from America again. This movie will open your horizons and show horrors that may not be known to the average viewer.

The Whale

Darren Aronofsky is not necessarily the director of the "most passable" films and he often knows how to bury himself in pretentious concepts, which are certainly interesting on paper but very rarely result in truly quality films.

"The Whale" does not fall into that category. Clinically obese Charlie is a withdrawn English teacher who, in the twilight of his life, is trying to restore his relationship with his daughter. And while the critics are not bursting with enthusiasm, the audience showed far more sympathy, not only for the touching story but also for the phenomenal comeback role of Brendan Fraser, which you should not miss. 

Empire of Light

Sam Mendes is a brilliant director who does not have a single failure in his rich filmography. This time he picked up a slightly more specific topic, so the story follows a cinema manager who is struggling with mental problems and her friendship with a new employee, who is trying to escape from a small town where he constantly encounters prejudices. 

Reviews have been mixed, but if you love Mendes, this is another film you shouldn't miss.


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