Finally: Anastacia appeared on the stage of London’s ‘Mighty Hoopla’ festival

Singing star Anastacia has appeared on the stage of London’s ‘Mighty Hoopla’ festival and this brought many back to her greatest glory days.

Jun 4, 2022 - 14:45
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Finally: Anastacia appeared on the stage of London’s ‘Mighty Hoopla’ festival

American singer Anastacia performed at the ‘Mighty Hoopla Festival’ in Brockwell Park in London and it was her first official public appearance since the Venice Film Festival last September. To come on stage, she chose a combination of gray jeans and a gray T-shirt, and above that, she added a pink jacket with white laces and this time she wore special glasses by which she became recognizable over the years.

When she appeared on the music scene this blonde singer, only 157 cm tall, stood out with her powerful vocals, provocative styling, and energetic songs.


By the way, the 53-year-old musician appeared under the music sky in the early 2000s when she released two albums and became the best-selling new musician in the world. Her songs held the top spots on the music charts, and the audience still loves to dance to the same hits. A small woman with a big voice, as she was called, became unique over time. And then in 2003 she completely withdrew from the scene.

The reason was the diagnosis of breast cancer. After three years of fighting, the disease won out, but only for a while. Ten years later she had to cancel a European tour because cancer had returned. Fortunately, once again the singer came out as the winner, and after that, she decided to remove both breasts. Although she returned to music, we have rarely seen her in public. The sunglasses, her trademark, were completely discarded after the 2005 operation, and the energetic music diva turned into a gentle blonde.

When it comes to love life, she has never been involved in scandals. She married her bodyguard Wayne Newton in Mexico in 2007 and became a stepmother to his children from his first marriage. They divorced after three years, and the singer immortalized their love with a tattoo of Wayne's initials and her name. She claims she never regretted it.