Flight Simulator prepares for DLSS and FSR

Apr 28, 2022 - 20:29
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Flight Simulator prepares for DLSS and FSR

Microsoft Flight Simulator is not only one of Microsoft's most successful launches in the video game sector, but it is also the apple of its eye, as evidenced by the evolution that it has undergone since its launch, thus reclaiming a position of privilege that accompanied the dean of flight simulators for many years in its origins, until those in Redmond decided that its life cycle had come to an end.

This, on the other hand, makes great sense. Since its release in August 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator has received rave reviews, has served as a motivator for Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, and its technological and graphical sophistication has established it as the new benchmark for gaming platforms. Furthermore, the upgrades over the last nearly two years have only improved a title that was already exceptional when it was released.

However, its demand in the technical portion has generated problems for users with limited performance equipment, to the point where, at first, many people desired to play it but were unable to do so. Microsoft Flight Simulator's fifth update, which addressed this issue, significantly improved performance. The transformation was astounding, with much greater fluidity.

However, there was still room for improvement, and according to Microsoft Flight Simulator engineers during a question and answer session on Twitch, which was later broadcast to YouTube, a fresh upgrade in this area is on the way. And it is for this reason that Asobo has collaborated with NVIDIA and AMD to make the game compatible with NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FSR technologies.

In case you're wondering, Microsoft Flight Simulator Update 10 is scheduled for July, which gives the developers a reasonable window of time to iron out the issues they mentioned in the session and thus get to summer with a version of the game that is already able to take advantage of both manufacturers' resampling technologies, allowing you to take advantage of even more of the hardware's potential and, in this way, enjoy the game.