For these photos, Jennifer Lopez received almost two million likes in just one hour

The Latino diva never ceases to amaze with her looks, and this time she left everything speechless in a miniature yellow bikini in which she walked on a yacht worth $ 130 million, which she and her new-old boyfriend Ben Affleck have been enjoying since her 52nd birthday.

Jul 31, 2021 - 11:27
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For these photos, Jennifer Lopez received almost two million likes in just one hour

That she knows how to enjoy life, the 52-year-old Latino diva once again showed by boasting with the latest photos taken on an expensive yacht, sailing the Mediterranean with her boyfriend Ben Affleck. Dressed in a miniature yellow bikini, Jennifer Lopez stretched out on a yacht worth $ 130 million and collected almost two million likes in an hour.

And how could she not when she looks sensational in it, which is the result of daily training, but also a carefully designed diet that suits her best. The yellow color of the bikini further highlighted her tanned complexion.

For her appearance, of course, she received a handful of compliments, and many noticed that her love was very pleasing. The love birds on a yacht are sailing across the Mediterranean and have already toured Italy, St. Tropez, and Monte Carlo. It was on the yacht that Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 52nd birthday.

On that occasion, her current boyfriend Ben Affleck also gave her a piece of jewelry from the personalized line of the Foundrae brand, which is loved by celebrities, and which was designed by the actor. Affleck thought of a few symbols,  before choosing a few flower-like designs that feed on passion and continue to bloom, even in darkness and despite adversity, or a thorn that symbolizes the risk we take for something we love, for a life without reserve.

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