Fran Drescher: 'I was raped! '

The actress, Fran Drescher, spoke about the most difficult moments of life and revealed why she thinks they are connected.

May 10, 2022 - 16:02
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Fran Drescher: 'I was raped! '

The star of the popular sitcom 'Nanny', Fran Drescher, spoke about the connection between a serious illness and a traumatic event and came to an interesting conclusion. Namely, the actress believes that she suffered from uterine cancer due to the trauma she suffered as a rape victim. The trauma, she said, was never treated. She was diagnosed with cancer 15 years after a difficult event that marked her, as she herself states. 

'I was traumatized as a rape victim and for years I didn't deal with how it affected me emotionally, I just kind of got on with my life,' Drescher said at the presentation of her book "N is for the Nanny. " 

Fran Drescher speaks openly about the fact that she was raped in 1985 and states that it cannot be a coincidence that she was raped and then contracted uterine cancer because she believes that these two difficult events are very much connected. 

The activist and writer underwent a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with uterine cancer, after as many as two years of misdiagnosis by a doctor. Drescher believes that exposure to toxic substances played a role in the development of cancer.

She believes she has suffered from cancer due to the trauma of the rape. Namely, she was raped in 1985, and the trauma, as she said, was never treated. She was diagnosed with cancer 15 years later.

'Americans are exposed to poisons, chronic diseases and drug addiction,' says Drescher, stressing the need to investigate what weakens our immune systems and why chronic diseases occur. Because of everything that happened to her, Drescher founded the non-profit organization 'Cancer Schmancer', which is dedicated to cancer-fighting. The organization was founded in 2007.

Drescher points out that instead of trying to deal with symptoms, we should ask ourselves what we are doing in our lives to be sick at all.

Recall, the actress, best known for her role as a nanny, suffered horror in 1985 when two armed burglars entered the home of her and her ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson in 1985. One raped Fran.