Fran Drescher went through hell!

Actress Fran Drescher appeared with ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson at the premiere of the series in New York.

Jul 29, 2022 - 10:31
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Fran Drescher went through hell!

Fran Drescher (64) became famous in the comedy series 'Nanny' as Fran Fine, and one event from her past shocked the public. The actress recently appeared at the premiere of the Netflix series 'Uncoupled' and she shone in a white and blue combination. She is known for her wonderful smile that never leaves her face, and few would say that the actress went through hell in the past. Namely, in 1985, two armed burglars entered the home of her and her former husband Peter Marc Jacobson. One raped Fran, and the other raped her friend, while Peter was tied up and blindfolded. 

'I experienced trauma as a rape victim and for years I didn't deal with how it affected me emotionally, I simply somehow continued with my life,' said Drescher at the presentation of her book "N is for the Nanny".It was not the only shock for the actress. In 2000, she learned that she was suffering from cervical cancer, and a year earlier she divorced her husband, who later admitted that he was gay .

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After being diagnosed with uterine cancer, the activist and writer underwent a hysterectomy, after even two years of wrong diagnoses by doctors. Drescher believes that exposure to toxic substances played a role in the development of cancer. She believes that she has cancer because of the rape trauma. Namely, she was raped in 1985, and the trauma, as she said, was never treated. She was diagnosed with cancer 15 years later.

On one occasion, Fran pointed out that she enjoys being a single woman. 'I think I had to work very consciously on not being dependent or scared of being alone and working independently. I really had to make an effort to move on. And I think I'm fine now,' she said. They divorced but remained on good friendly terms.  'I have a gay ex-husband who I love and he fulfills many of my needs. I have a friend with benefits. We meet twice a month, which is more than enough,' said Drescher.'He comes to my place, we hang out, prepare a hot bath, I make food, we go to bed, watch tennis or a good movie. Of course, we also have sex and that's what keeps me going, ' she openly admitted to Page Six.

The 'Nanny' celebrity was in a marriage with entrepreneur Shiva Ayyadurai in 2014, but they separated two years later.


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