Georgina on her new show and new niece!

Georgina opens her soul to Netflix: 'We only eat when Cristiano is gone, sometimes we can't wait for him to leave'

Jan 3, 2022 - 08:51
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Georgina on her new show and new niece!

Georgina opens her soul to Netflix: 'We only eat when Cristiano is gone, sometimes we can't wait for him to leave'

Famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, 36, and his partner, model Georgina Rodriguez27, are known for the great love and lavish lifestyle they often portray on social media. Many admire and even envy them, but few know what life actually looks like when the cameras go off, but soon they will have a chance to find out.

In fact, the long-awaited documentary series 'Soy Georgina' is coming to Netflix soon, following the private life of a footballer and model. And Georgina will talk about him.

- Many people know my name, but few know who I am “, said the model in a new trailer for the series, which is going to be released on January 27.

Georgina is described as the mother, influencer, and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo who will present an emotional and profound portrait of her daily life.

Among other things, the model revealed that she eagerly awaits her wedding to the footballer, but also what it is like when all the cameras go off.

- Cristiano is a great father and husband. I could never have dreamed of a better one. He doesn't cook, but after everything he does he deserves to be greeted by the set table and home-cooked meal made with lots of love - Georgina revealed, adding that they have a chef, but also that she likes to sometimes prepare something.

- When he's not at home, I allow myself some dishes that he either doesn't like or doesn’t eat. It is true that sometimes he eats pizza, but this is once a week after which he works out really hard, Georgina said.

- I like to surprise him with the dish he loves, but still we can all eat our comfort food only when he is gone, so sometimes we all can't wait for him to leave, she joked.

She also revealed that Ronaldo never changes light bulbs because of what she says are the high ceilings in the house.

- We have very high ceilings, so it's better not to change the light bulbs. Let him look after himself and devote himself to what he does best, I'll take care of the rest. Everything really works for me, I like to take care of the house and the family - she added.

The model is due to take Ronaldo's surname in the future, prompting a violent reaction, especially with Cristiano's mother, Dolores Aveiro, 67. In fact, Dolores believes Georgina doesn't really like Ronaldo but sees only great profits in him. The rest of his family has a similar attitude.

But fans are still on the side of Rodriguez, who they claim seems to be living in a golden cage.

As Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez count the months to welcome their twins to the world, their family celebrated the arrival of a new baby.

It is about his niece Deva, the first daughter of Ivana Rodríguez with Carlos Garcia, the Asturian sculptor who made a bust of the footballer for the Madeira airport.

Dear friends, today we want to introduce our daughter Deva to you. It's a very special day as she celebrates her first month of life. We are very happy and in love with our baby,” Georgina's sister said on Instagram.

There are no words to describe this love. Deva made a mother out of me. I only hope to give her everything she needs to be happy, to take care of her and that God give us much health. It's a very intimate moment, to have fun, to adapt, a moment of recovery, fatigue in turn and a lot of emotions and feelings ”, she added, specifying that these are the main reasons she has disconnected from social media in recent weeks.

As expected, Georgina was keen to join in the congratulations that many well-known faces have given to Ivana and her little Deva. “My precious baby. I love it, ” posted the model.