Grace Kelly’s daughter's life story!

Terrible rumors are still circulating about the death of Grace Kelly, a Hollywood beauty who became a princess and her younger daughter, Princess Stephanie.

Grace Kelly’s daughter's life story!

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Terrible rumors are still circulating about the death of Grace Kelly, a Hollywood beauty who became a princess, and they mainly refer to her younger daughter, Princess Stephanie. Because of the terrible accusations that she was actually responsible for her mother's death, Stephanie lived a restless and sad life.

Stephanie was born on February 1, 1965, in a palace in Monaco. Her father was Rennie III and her mother was former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly. Of their three children, Stephanie is the youngest. Her brother is Albert, who is at the center of a scandal over his wife, Princess Charlene.

In 1982, Stephanie and her sister Carolyn were driving from France with their mother. Unfortunately, Grace Kelly suffered a stroke while driving, so she landed off the road, and passed away the next day.

There were rumors that Stephanie was driving a car that night, and the princess refused to talk about it until 1989 when she denied the rumors and insisted that she was not the one who drove the car.

Stephanie admitted that she was under a lot of pressure because of those rumors because people basically accused her of killing her own mother when she was only 17 years old.

After recovering from the accident in which her mother was killed, Stefani started working for the Christian Dior.

In 1984, she debuted on the runway as a model.

She also started her own swimwear brand in 1986. In 1986, she produced and released her own music single called 'Ouragan', which became one of the most popular singles in France.

In Cannes in 1999, she met elephant trainer Frank Ni, with whom she fell madly in love. Because of him, Stephanie literally ran away from the palace, with her three children from previous relationships, and traveled with his circus in Switzerland.

Her relationship with Niem was never publicly commented on by her family, but, according to the royal biographer Angela Levin, she was condemned for that.

Levin claims that Princess Carolina, who took over many of her mother's roles and duties after her death, was "devastated by her sister's behavior".

After breaking up with Niem, she fell in love with Portuguese acrobat Adans Lopez Perez. The couple lived together for a short time in a caravan before they got married in 2003. In November 2004, they filed for divorce.

Stephanie never married again and she is now dedicated to charities to fight AIDS and save animals.