'Moon Knight' trailer is out!

The first trailer for the series 'Moon Knight' about Marvel's superhero embodied by actor Oscar Isaac has been released.

Jan 19, 2022 - 18:12
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'Moon Knight' trailer is out!

After the first trailer for the “Moon Knight” series was released many Marvel fans have noticed one thing.

The anti-hero Moon Knight, also known as Marvel's Moon Knight, is one of the most interesting characters in the entire printed history of the House of Ideas. And despite the fact that his debut dates back to the summer of 1975, his career in video games is very recent and even more unique.

But who is Moon Knight? When we think of a stealthy masked night watchman with a huge cape, we think of Batman. If we add to this an unusual talent both to investigate and to function in combat with weapons or fistfights, the silhouette of the Dark Knight of Gotham is still there. And if we tell you that his motivation is revenge, Moon Knight's comparisons to the DC hero are heightened. However, Marc Spector is not Bruce Wayne.


Moon Knight could totally pass as some sort of replica of Batman within the Marvel universe in an all-white suit. Almost silver. And the truth is that at the level of skills the comparisons are more than justified. But Spector is not using his secret identity as a symbol against crime but is actually the avatar of Khonshu, an Egyptian deity who saved him in the past. In a way, it is one of his multiple personalities.

Marc Spector is the name of the anti-hero known as Moon Knight, but it's not the only name he uses on a daily basis. Spector, who has a background and training as a mercenary, suffers from a dissociative identity disorder that gradually led to the creation of several more identities: millionaire Steven Grant, taxi driver Jake Lockley and, on occasion, the suit consultant Mr. Knight. The Moon Knight uses all of them to fight organized crime by day and, at night, pass sentences under the light of the Moon.

The origin of Moon Knight in the comics is truly unique: Khonshu, the ancient Egyptian god of the Moon, rescued Marc Spector, a mercenary left on his own. Spector was recently betrayed and mortally wounded after being tricked into looting a mysterious pharaonic tomb. Of course, that miracle carried a price. After breathing new life and a second chance, he would become the avatar of the deity among mortals.

After partially consummating his revenge in Egypt, Spector will move to New York where he will amass a small fortune that will allow him a comfortable lifestyle like Steven Grant. But, far from living carefree, he will lead a double life as Moon Knight. Leading a single life divided into four personalities, including that of a reckless Jake Lockley dedicated to obtaining information from the slums of the city that never sleeps.

Of course, all identities are dedicated to the same purpose and that is as a masked superhero sheltered in the night, Moon Knight fights crime and protects the innocent as the relentless shadow of the Egyptian god of the Moon.