Graphics card prices in the US: 57 percent cheaper since January

Since January, the prices of graphics cards on the eBay auction marketplace have dropped dramatically, particularly in the United States.

Jul 3, 2022 - 21:26
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Graphics card prices in the US: 57 percent cheaper since January

As US shops continue to strive to keep costs high, a 57 percent average decline allows gamers to buy graphics cards again. Read on for more information.

Since bitcoin prices began to decline sharply, so did graphics card costs, and gamers can now buy graphics cards at reasonable prices.

The problem is significantly more pronounced in the United States. Toms Hardware colleagues conducted a market analysis and were able to extract numerous intriguing insights from it.

They did this by looking at both the retail and used pricing on the eBay auction marketplace.

They found that the current generation graphics card has dropped 14 percent in price on eBay since the beginning of June, while the prior generation has dropped 17 percent. Despite aggressively promoting graphics card offers, retail costs have reduced only 3% over the same time period.

Prices of graphics cards on eBay have plummeted by an average of 57 percent since the beginning of 2022, while it is difficult to compare with American stores because there was very little inventory in January as miners gobbled it up in a very fast time.

The same miners are now selling many of their graphics cards on eBay, allowing customers to discover attractive discounts while risking graphics card damage from mining.

However, Toms Hardware advises consumers on a tight budget to wait a bit longer if feasible and to strike during a potentially even larger deal.

Post by Bryan C.