Hailey Bieber appeared at the Vanity Fair party

Hailey Bieber appeared at the Vanity Fair party after the 94th Academy Awards.

Mar 29, 2022 - 16:01
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Hailey Bieber appeared at the Vanity Fair party

Hailey Bieber (25) did her first public appearance after a stroke three weeks ago, and her husband Justin Bieber (28) did not come with her. The model appeared at the Vanity Fair party after the Oscars. As always, she looked unhappy, but her styling was unmistakable and she wore a tight-fitting dress from the luxury fashion house Saint Laurent.

The focus was on Hailey's back because of a very bold cut just above her buttocks , which gave her a little trouble, so a friend came to her aid.

The husband was not with the model because he is on his ‘Justice World Tour’ and is currently in Montreal, and he has not postponed the concerts even after she had a stroke.

Instead, the couple quickly returned to their daily routine, and Hailey shared photos of her underwear on her Instagram, which is part of the Victoria's Secret campaign. She posted this just a few days after she horrified her fans with terrible news.

It was unusual for many to publish such content at a not very happy moment, especially after many were worried about her health.

By the way, Justin spoke for the first time about 10 days ago after Hailey had a stroke. He commented on her health condition during a concert in Denver.

'You know, it's kind of crazy how life unexpectedly throws you off the rails. We can't really control much. You know, the power went out tonight. Obviously, you know, most of you have seen the news about my wife. But she's fine, she's fine, she's strong. But it was scary, you know? It was pretty scary. But I know for sure that God protects her and that is a good thing, ' Justin said in a video he shared on Instagram. The singer also pointed out how grateful he is to the fans for coming to his concert. ‘But tonight I am grateful to be here with you simply to celebrate life. There are a lot of terrible things happening on Earth right now and the fact that we are all in this room together, laughing, smiling, singing songs, I mean, I don’t know a better place to be. So thank you people for joining me tonight, ' he said.