Hailey Bieber joins new Barbie fever!

Justin Bieber’s wife set Instagram on fire in a pink mini dress.

Jun 30, 2022 - 16:11
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Hailey Bieber joins new Barbie fever!

Hailey Bieber (25) caused a stir on social media by posting a few photos in a sexy mini dress in bubblegum pink color on her official Instagram profile. The model looks like a modern version of a Barbie doll with a tight dress complemented by white platform boots.

“I’m having a little more fun today,” she wrote alongside the footage, adding a few heart emoticons and pink bows. The dress that tightened her thighs highlighted her slender waist and showed her cleavage.

Her long legs stood out with white boots inspired by the 60s. In addition, she gave a touch of glamor to her outfits with a variety of shiny chokers. Her brown hair was combed to the side with messy curls, while she used earth-colored eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick in her makeup, which further highlighted her beauty.

Barbie, the famous Mattel Doll, seems to be everywhere today because there are several celebrities who found inspiration for their looks right in her. Recall, a film about a doll is currently being made in which Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling star as “Barbie” and “Ken”.Little is revealed about the story, though Robbie and Gosling lead a fairly large cast that includes Will Ferrell, Simo Liu, America Ferrer, Michael Cer, Kate McKinnon, and Alexandru Shipp.

Barbie is much more than pink

Barbiecore as a fashion movement has been built since this doll was founded. His popularity is growing again due to the shooting of the film. Barbie is inspired by pop culture and fashion. Her style is evolving to reflect today’s trends and culture. Aesthetics that are playful and vibrant and a bold color palette is all we need. Pink is still Barbie's favorite shade. If pink is not your first choice, you can replace it with orange or green. According to the designers who worked for this famous doll, it is a combination of different styles. The emphasis is on mixing, so you can combine pink with colors you like. Combine incompatible and invest in pieces that can be combined into various outfits. Barbie is known for her specific fashion details, and your style is a reflection of the fashion details you choose carefully.

Post By: Vanessa F.