Cameron Diaz is filming with Jamie Foxx

Foxx posted the news on Twitter!

Jun 30, 2022 - 16:12
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Cameron Diaz is filming with Jamie Foxx

Diaz announced in 2018 that she was retiring from acting to focus on other aspects of life, including her family, and her retirement was a blow to fans. Diaz has starred in a number of Hollywood hit films during her acting career, including ‘The Mask’, ‘Charlie’s Angels’, and ‘Vanilla Sky’’, and is now set to appear in Netflix’s new film ‘Back in Action’.

According to Variety, the film is an action-comedy starring Diaz and Foxx, who previously collaborated on the 1999 film ‘Any Given Sunday’ and the 2014 remake of ‘Annie’. 

Foxx posted the news on Twitter by sharing a recording of a conversation between him, Diaz, and Tom Brady, an American football player who retired earlier this year, only to return to the field shortly thereafter. In the recording, Diaz says she is “excited” but also “nervous” as she talks to Foxx.

"I understand. Listen, I have someone on the other line who can help you with this," the actor tells her before Brady joins the conversation. "I talked to Jamie and he said you need some advice on how to break the retirement. I'm relatively successful at it," Brady tells her, to which Diaz replies that it was "just what she needed."

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We last had the opportunity to see actress Cameron Diaz in the musical "Annie". After that, Cameron completely withdrew, so we rarely saw her in public. Her colleague Selma Blair, with whom she starred in the film "The Sweetest Thing" in 2002, revealed that Cameron no longer wants to make films.

"Cameron has retired, she doesn't want to make movies anymore," Selma said. Blair revealed that she was at lunch with Diaz and that they were talking about their joint film, and then Cameron told her that she didn't want to shoot anything anymore. “She told me, "I'm done." She doesn't even need to make movies anymore, she has a great life right now. I don't think anything could make her go back to work” - said Selma Blair.

Diaz explained why she decided to give up acting. “I realized that I no longer know who I am, and that is such a terrible feeling. I decided to meet myself again and come to my senses” - said Cameron Diaz.

The actress married guitarist Benji Madden in 2015 after a seven-month relationship, and it was rumored that she was pregnant, but she did not confirm that. At the age of 16, Diaz signed a contract with a fashion agency and immediately became famous as a model, shooting commercials for "Calvin Klein" and "Levi's".

At the age of 21, she applied to audition for the movie "The Mask", in which Jim Carrey plays the main role, although she has never acted anywhere before. She played the seductive singer Tina, and this role brought her world fame.

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